Werner Sandner, Programming Engineer and Manager

Source Codes and rights for sale

All the source codes and rights, that include the codes for the web services and the database structure are for sale.

The sale does not include Good Will, and consequently no data will be provided in regards to business turn over.

The Sourcecodes were developed over a period of 7 years and the developing cost could be estimated at more than 8000 hours, approximately equivalent to $320 000 calculated as $40 / per hour. Our only price = $30 000. A start up support can be added for a very small fee, to help transfer the data to other medium and as a general code support.

The Sales includes:

  • Source codes for the Taxi Accounant Program for drivers.
  • Source codes for the Taxi Fleet Manager Program for fleet managers and owners.
  • Database for the Taxi Fleet Manager Program
  • Sourcecodes as web services as on the web site, connecting to the software applications.
  • The database on the web server with all its structure and metadata, as well as all live data.
  • Current customers will also be transfered with the database as a bonus.

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