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Otherwise it might cost your life!

Werner SandnerI have been driving taxis for 10 years. In the 10 years, I have been a witness for the police three times. The first time it was a murder suicide, the second time it was a murder and the last time I was the victim. Somebody covered in a balaclava was trying to bludgeon me to death. I was attacked and beaten with a baton, even though I was already lying in a pool of my own blood. The would be murderer beat me even though I was already lying there in a pool of my own blood. Click here to read my story. But this was not a typical taxi driver attack, this was a random attack and it could have been anybody, inclusive you. I was lucky this time, someone who had no fear came to my rescue.

This is what caused me to look into what can be done for security and one of the item that I can do is to produce a pepper spray, that can be filled in a child water pistol (you must aim at the eyes of the attacking criminal) or to be filled into a spray bottle.

After experimenting I have learned how to make such a spray, which would not cause injury to the eye of the attacker.

Having succeeded to produce such a liquid, I have decided to make it available over the Internet for sale at a low cost.

Everybody who goes out there at night in the dark should have it, and it is simply cheap. So why not order your own bottle?



Our Pepper Spray is home made stuff and not classified as pepper spray. It is sold as harmless cleaning alchohol but is highly effective. It will not injure the eyes but it will burn like hell. Its main ingredients is the hottest Cayenne Pepper, dissolved in Alcohol with added soft oils.

When using it in an emergency, aim for the eyes of the attacker. It is strong and effective. You can fill it into a spray bottle, or even a water pistol if you like and you have a perfect and effective weapon!

It is recommended not to get this liquid onto your body parts as it will cause a burning sensation, which lasts a while and is rather unpleasant. Please treat it with care and wear rubber gloves and protect your eyes in case you use it to fill this pepper spray liquit into your spray bottles or water pistol. You can also purchase the pepper spray in a spray pump bottle from us.

Handle with care!