This Software is designed for Self-employed people, who run as a business. It is designed for Tax Reporting (in Australia known as GST), business management and tax management program. The user can input income and expenses and easily run, export, save and print reports. This program is ideal to create Activity Reports for the Tax Office.

It has been build in Java by Supremweb, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. This application can be downloaded and installed on your computer and has a 30 days trial period. The purchase price of this product is extemely low cost.

Currently you can:
  • Create you own Income Categories to suite your business.
  • Create your income records, edit and delete them.
  • Create your income records by creating invoices.
  • Generate Invoices and cause the Stock to be controlled automatically through Invoicing.
  • Edit, Add and Delete Invoices with auto stock control. This also controls your sales records.
  • Create you own Expense Categories to suite your business.
  • Create your Expense Records, edit and delete them.
  • Create your Stock Categories to suite your business.
  • Add your Stock, edit and delete them.
  • Use your Stock data in your invoices.
  • Create expense records by adding Stock.
  • Add Employees to your database.
  • Create and manage Wages for your Employees.
  • Automatic wages and tax calculations for your Employees.
  • Geneate Pay Slips for your Employees.
  • And much more to come before the end of the tax year.
  • Powerful Income Reporting
  • Powerfull Expense Reporting.
  • Activity Statement Reporting (GST, VAT).
  • Powerfull End of Tax Year Reporting.
  • Stock reporting, such as Stock value and profit.
  • Other powerfull reporting.
  • Printing Reports and Invoices.
  • Exporting (saving a report) in different formats such as PDF, WORD, EXCEL and so on.


Note: You will sometimes see a small difference in the pictures between your software application and the images beeing shown in these help pages. These is due to the constants improvements being made to the application. This however should not be creating any issues for the user. If it does, feel free to advise us.


Application Starts up
Setting up your Tax Year
Setting up your Users
Copy data from a previous year
Setting up your Payment or Expense Type
Setting up your Receipt or Income Type
Add, Edit or Delete your Payment (Expenses)
Add, Edit or Delete your Income (Receipts)
Create, View, Print Reports (Report Index)
Create, View, Print and export Activity Report
Create, View, Print and export End Of Year Report
Back up your data
Restore your data
Stock Control
Add Stock and Create Expense Record automatically
Invoicing, Adding Income records through Invoicing and Automatic Stock Control through Invoicing
Manage Employees
Manage Wages and Deductions
Manage / Add Wages Pay Categories
Manage / Add Wages Deduction Categories