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This page is just a general summary of how all the applications work together with one or more databases.
Databases are the root or base of most Internet-, Desktop-, Android- and Web Services Applications. In most cases the actual Application shows the data from a database that works in the back ground in a very controlled way that makes sense to the user. It also enables the user to manipulate such as add, edit or delete data on the database, and what the user can do or see or cannot do or see is determined by the application design.
So Databases are almost used in all Applications. Sometimes we use the same database on different applications simultanliously. For example we have a Web Site and an Android Application and we use the same database. Often when we use a Web Site and Android Application, we don't connect the Android Application straight to the database, but we connect the Android Application to a web service Program on the Web Server, which then connects to the same database as the Web Site.

Applications can:

  • Show data from a Database in a controlled environment.
  • Add new records onto a database in a controlled environment.
  • Delete records from a database in a controlled environment.
  • Edit records in a database in a controlled environment.
Databases can also be on the local Application. So for example if you have a Desktop Application, or an Android Smart Phone Application, the installation of the Application may also install a local database. Often two databases are used, a local database and an external database, with the external database often being the same as the one running on the web server.
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