This page deals with download and installation issues you may have. It deals with problems that may occur as well. To install this software on your phone you can either
Click here or you can download it from our web site
Click here.
If you download it from our web site you will need to install it manually on your phone. Every Phone is a bit different but there is still a general way. After downloading you will need to find the downloaded file on your android. It may well be that you are already on the donwloaded folder as you download. If you can see the file named "taxicalcv2" click on it. If the file cannot be opened, you most likely used the Chrome browser (and you have not registered). If it does that, delete this file as is serves you no purpose. Hold the file with your finger long enough and when it high lites, delete is. Perform the download process again but use a different browser.

After downloading, if you are not in the download folder, open the download folder on your phone. You may be able to do that from the settings, or you can do that from the Download Icon. Tap it and let the software install it.

If you already had a previous version installed, it may prompt you if you want to install it. Go for YES. If more issues occur, leave this download folder and go to Settings. Look for APPS or Applications or something like that, and tap on this icon on your phone. Look for the Taxi Shift Logger and tap on it. Tap on the UNINSTALL button and uninstall the software. Then re-install as explained above.

Just a word of caution: If you uninstall all your configuration data is lost, and you will need to re-configure your Calculator application after re-installing it. So remember your login user name and password. If you only remember one of the two, it is easy to gain it back. Once you have logged in with your old username and password, it will still remember the software code where the data is to be sent. This info is not stored on your phone but on our server database, and this is the reason why it is better to log back in with your old username and password rather than creating a new one, as all these details are still in tact.

Below you can see a sample of what the file download page may look like on your phone. Tap this file to install. If it cannot open it, try downloading again with a different browser. You may delete this file as it serves no purpose.

Below you can see a sample of what it may look like when you cannot update the Taxi Calculator.

Below you can see a sample of what the page may look like when you click on settings, which you need to do to uninstall it if required. Then look for APPS or APPLICATION Icon or something like that. Click on this APPS icon.

Below you can see the Taxi Calculator Icon in the Application Set ups on your Phone. Click the Taxi Calculator Icon to proceed.

Below you can see a sample of what the uninstall may look like on your phone.

Below you can see a sample of what it may look like to uninstall the Taxi Calculator.