Before you can search for the software application you wish to send data to you need to be able to log in. To be able to log in you need to set up an account.
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You do not need any Software application code, if you only send the shift data as and email. You only need to configure your Android Taxi Calculator app with the email address.

Before you can search for the user account and add it to your account, so that you can always use it (this is a one off process only), you need to know either of two things:

How to find the Application Id number or the owner name:

This depends on which of the taxi software applications you send data to, at the moment you can send data to two software applications and they are:

How to know the software id number:

If you drive a taxi for an owner or a fleet manager, and he has our taxi software, you must ask him / her for this information. If you send it to your own software application, you need to find it yourself on your taxi software application.

How to find this application id number and name of the owner:
Start your software application, and look for a Menu saying Android or Android Support. Click on it and then click on Manage Application (or Android) Registration. If you are Registered it will give you the details, and if you are not registered it will enable to register. You will get all the information you need for yourself or your driver from there on.

Setting it up on your Android Calculator
Assuming you have obtained your software Id and Owner name and you have created an Account for your Android App, you need to log in with your Android Taxi Calculator.

Having Logged in you are in the "Send Data Page" and scroll down and you will see a green button saying something like: "NEED TO FIND THE APPLICATION TO SEND DATA TO? CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR IT AND STORE IT." Click this button.

Type in the Owner name in the appropriate text box or type the application id number in the appropriate text box and click the appropriate search button depending upon if you search by software Id number of Software Owner name as seen below.

If the software was found, it will provide you with three items:

See below for what it looks like.

You are not finished yet! You still have to add this info to your User Account and this is very easy. Simply tap with your finger on the Application Details and it will tell you that this Info is now on your user account. So every time you log in, you will see it. You can have as many applications as you like.

If an applicaton no longer exists, delete it from your database. Simply select the application by taping at it and then click the delete button. If you deleted in error, you can always get it back.