There are three treatment options and they should all be persued:
1) The official medical
2) The unofficial medical
3) The emotional, mental and spiritual

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Main Part - Cancer

This web site which is currently being build, will offer additional medicines and treatment information for people with cancer. This site does not get into deep medical explanations, as there are many official medical web sites available, but some medical contents cannot be avoided. The alternative medicine has medical contents too and explanations as to how it works. For viewers of this site, it is important for me to stress not to use this information as an alternative to modern medicine but as an additional treatment.

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Purpose of Life

Spiritual (personal) growth is the purpose of life. When we grow spiritually, we become more loving and emphathetic, happier and wiser. Karma is there to help us to get there. The purpose of life is simply god saying "I am that I am, I have no form I need no space and I am not in time".

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My Home Movies

Between 1969 and 1971 the Sandner Free Film Corporation made 8 mm Home Movies that are here for display. There are also some private films there and video from the 1990th.

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